Sunday, February 24, 2008

saturday and sunday scrapping!

i'm getting through these challenges slowly but surely.

the first layout is for a challenge to not use pictures. i used the brochures paul and i got when we went to the Holocaust museum in Florida. its a simple LO,but i didnt want to clutter it.

the second one is for a rip the picture challenge. i took those pics last sunday at christmas. jaden and i were talking about emotions, and i would say one and he would make the face for a picture. when we got thru the basics, i asked him if we were missing any and he said "yeah the hard on face!". hes 5. enough said. hahaha.

the third one is for a reasons i love you challenge.

last one for now... it was my take on an ad that the challenge poster posted.

three more challenges to finish by 11 tonight and i will have done every one!


jinxi said...

Great job.. I love the many faces of the J-Man hahaa... You're rocking the crop Id say!

Blueyecicle said...

Wow you have done alot! I totally flaked and went shopping after just a few projects! Ya Becky! Great job girl Love the Holocaus museum too.

Cat said...

Very nice job! You know I love Jaden!

Josie_24 said...

Seriously--I LOOOVE the one you did about the holocaust museum!! You rock these crops every time!!! I'm bummed I missed it! But then again--i was at the bar at noon on Saturday drinking with my friends so I don't feel THAT bad....hehe